Foreign trade case-Ameko Jun 23, 2021
This is a Hong Kong customer who has cooperated with us at 2016. They have mainly some large brand IPs, did some product development and design,then found a cooperative factory to processing and production.

They changed their business for the cooperation opportunities. and they contacted our company through timely 
communication.Our colleague quoted a price of stationery set and the the customer send a sample.After receiving
the samples, I found that the sample process and accessories are quitely complicated,and then rechecked the unit
 price with the factory. But we found that the unit price difference more expensive than the previous price. 
The customer also hesitated and tried to let us make some of the accessories.But at that time, I felt that 
it was not cheap to make accessories and the value of the goods was low.So i find the merchandisers and salesmen to understand
some circumstances of this order. I knew that the quantity would be relatively large , Although there are many tiered prices when quoting.
However, the final quantity can be accepted.During the Hundred Regiment Event right now,I decided to get this order. 
then found the factory to negotiate the unit price, the cost of each accessory to give the customer. Find a way to achieve the target price,
In the end, as soon as posssible to meet the customer's requirements and then asked the factory to make one of the samples to show the effect 
to customer to strive for more opportunities. Althought charge free is actually quite expensive, we still accepted it and placed an order at the end.

In  conclusion:
1. The change of the customer’s internal staff is a good opportunity for us to reshape our image so we must seize this opportunity.
2. The price issue is not only condition for the business deal, try to meet the customer's requirements and quality, and the price is not too higher.
   it can be completed.
3. You must have the determination to take the order.During the Hundred Regiment period, we must win this order anyway. Although there are many problems in 
   the process, we must work hard to find a solution.
4. Actively make samples to customers for reference, win some trust of customers, and strive for more opportunities.

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